Saturday, March 9, 2013


I've been wanting to post just a few sentences in this blog for a while now, but life just got in the way...

Now coming back to this blog, something I've noticed is that this blog covered two distinct journeys: (1) the story of me graduating college and (2) the story of me trying to find my way post-college. The first story is done, but one well worth remembering and the second - "trying to find my way" is a continuing process that all of us go through everyday. To be fair, there was a very distinct story about me trying to find a job and start my career and that story has been completed too.

Also, I'm happy to say that I've accomplished my two major goals from last year:

1. To be one of the best Princeton Project 55 Fellows - I'm not sure how many other fellows could say they worked 10 hour work days regularly and managed communications/logistics/operations for a three-person national non-profit that serves 2.5 million students... just saying.

2. Moving out on my own to D.C. - I'm currently writing this from my humble studio (yes, I realize the irony/juxtaposition between this and the last sentence) and paid my gas, electric, and internet bills this past Thursday.

So, all-in-all life is good. I'm on a new journey now - trying to make it in the Big City (forget NYC - D.C. is where it all happens) and figuring things out in this new environment. I hope you continue to read and follow this blog again.

As for saying goodbye to my last two journeys, I just want to say one thing... "Yo Adrian, I did it!"

Logan Circle in Washington, D.C. - my new digs!

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